Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Review

The Yamaha Corporation is an absolute titan of Japanese consumer goods. They are world renown for products of all kinds, but the most famous may well be their range of instruments. Since the 1940s, their output has included many fan favorite guitars. Their acoustic models in particular have long been considered “must haves” for guitarists that want the best possible blend of sound, playability and pricing. First introduced about a half decade ago, the Yamaha FG730S solid top acoustic guitar is a notable example of precisely what Yamaha’s lineup of six-strings is all about.

The Yamaha FG730S was released as something of an aesthetic upgrade to the already popular FG series. The addition of rosewood backing and side panels help give even more visual contrast to the body, making it stand out a bit more from other typical dreadnought guitars of this basic style. The FG730S is also available in a variety of color finishes, including brown and tobacco sunbursts, black, dusk sun red, ocean blue burst, cobalt aqua, and vintage cherry. As far as design goes, this is a new twist on an old favorite, and it’s proven to be immensely popular throughout the last several years.

Outside of the many gorgeous colors, there are several key features that make Yamaha’s FG730S tick. The solid top is made of spruce, and the rosewood material lining the back and sides create a full, resonate sound. The finger board and bridge piece are also constructed from rosewood. The neck itself is solidly put together. It’s just comfortable enough in hand without sacrificing the sound. More wood always means better sound, so the thinner the neck and body, the less impressive your guitar will sound. The FG730S was designed with a traditional slant that favors sound while still remaining as playable as possible.

Of course, the pricing also works to make the FG730S even more appealing. Yamaha’s suggested price for the model is perfectly fair, sitting at just under $500. However, it can often be found for over $200 less on the online market.

Approaching The Yamaha FG730S Review

No matter how nice a guitar looks or how impressive its specs and price may be, it ultimately all comes down to how it feels to play. I’ve been a guitarist for over 15 years now, and at this point I definitely know what I like. There are certain things I look for as far as the overall balance of sound and feel. Try as I might to convince myself otherwise, the looks also factor in to some extent.

I’ve had quite a few different acoustic models in my hands over the years, so there’s no way to impress me with just anything. I want only the best out of my instruments, and it’s my hope to make sure you’re able to find something that’s perfect for you as well. With careful consideration, I’ve given the FG730S a thorough test drive, and I’m confident that I have a fairly clear picture of whether it’s worth a purchase.

Getting In Depth: The Pros of Yamaha FG730S

It’s already been established that the Yamaha FG730S has some impressive specs. They all work together to provide many positives that make it hard to view the guitar negatively. After playing the model for some time, I found the following pros:

1 – Quality Construction

You can have all of the best parts possible and still end up with a less than stellar instrument if the construction isn’t up to snuff. Yamaha doesn’t skimp on anything in their factories; everything fits together just as it should on this model. While I appreciate the personality of relics with all kinds of scuffs and scrapes from time to time, I do tend to prefer pristine models, especially if they’re new. The FG730S I played did not disappoint.

2 – Vibrant, Resonant Sound

Of course, any time I decide to opt into a dreadnought style acoustic guitar, a huge sound is the first thing I look for. Every chord played on the FG720S rings out beautifully. Many guitars in this price point just don’t cut it in this regard. Their sound seems to be stifled, often due to lesser quality materials and construction. There are no such worries here.

3 – Genuine Traditional Feel

A lot of acoustic guitars sold these days are geared more towards electric players that favor the thinnest bodies and necks possible. Those models certainly have their place, but the feel of a traditional acoustic is something that can never be faked, replicated, or replaced. The experience of picking this model up and playing it hearkens back to the good old days. It’s a warm, almost nostalgic feel that I genuinely welcome.

4 – Massive Allure

Thanks to the many color options, the FG720S is the kind of guitar you can’t help but reach for if it’s nearby. My finish of choice was the immensely beautiful ocean blue burst. A good looking, great sounding guitar is one you’re never going to want to put down. This guitar hits that sweet spot, and the same is likely true regardless of which color happens to be your favorite.

5 – Amazing Price Point

Finally, it’s hard to beat paying under $300 for a guitar of this caliber. It’s full bodied with perfectly gig worthy sound, drop dead gorgeous aesthetics, and solid construction all around. I would have happily paid several hundred dollars more for this same quality. The original price is almost double of the current sale price, and that would have been more than worth it. If you’re a guitarist on a budget but you still want something that you’re going to feel proud to play somewhere down the line, the FG720S is a fine choice.

The Cons of Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar

Few things in life are perfect of course. To be perfectly fair, there at least a few things I would change about this guitar if we lived in a perfect world. The following cons come to mind:

1 – Limited Upper Fret Access

This is par for the coarse with any traditional dreadnought style acoustic, but I’ve been spoiled by acoustics with electric style cutaways. I love trying my hand at hitting those high notes, and it’s always a bit more of a chore than I’d like with a body style of this type. The main attraction is in gorgeous sounding chords that utilize the first handful of frets of course, but it’d be nice if the entire fret board were equally as easy to play.

2 – Fret Size Could Be Larger

There are 20 frets in total, and they are only medium sized. Even with some admittedly chubby fingers, I could navigate the fret board well enough, but larger frets would be ever so slightly more comfortable. Again, it’s possible I’ve simply been spoiled by the electric guitars in my possession, many of which have roomier extra jumbo frets.

3 – Pick Guard Style

Here we go again with aesthetics mattering more than they should! This is a very minor quibble, but I would greatly prefer if the pick guard was a simple glossy black. The pattern used helps the model stand out, but it’s almost a step too far into the quirky direction. With so many color options and the rosewood sides, I feel that’s all that Yamaha really needed to provide for some nice visual flair.


All things considered, the Yamaha FG730S solid top acoustic guitar is one I would highly recommend. There are only a few things I don’t like about it, all of which are more related to personal taste than anything actual wrong with the model as an actual instrument. The price point makes this a great choice for beginners, while also offering a nice bargain to more advanced players that deserve to play something that really does sound amazing. I believe you would be hard pressed to find another model that performs this well at this kind of price point.

It’s incredibly easy to be swayed by lower price tags when so many of the supposedly best of the best guitar models soar into the thousands, but the FG720S gave me much of what I was looking for in an acoustic. After so much time with electrics and acoustic electrics that just don’t have the nice warm quality needed for gentler arpeggios and head-nod inducing strummed chord progressions, it was nice playing something with a bit more of a traditional feel. I have a strong feeling that this is a guitar I’m going to be going back to time and time again. Above all, guitars are made to played, and Yamaha’s FG720S model is one that’s going to give me many, many hours of enjoyment.

Final Yamaha FG730S Rating Breakdown

  • Sound - 9/10
  • Value - 10/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Action - 9/10
  • Fit & Finish - 10/10
  • Impression - 9/10

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