Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review

Taylor GS Mini Review

taylor gs mini review

When you’re looking for a guitar that’s gives great value for your money with high-quality sounds, then you should definitely check out Taylor Guitars. Taylor Guitars is a pioneer when it comes to using the latest technologies in order to produce guitars with world-class quality sound. They are one of the top brands that use innovative manufacturing techniques and modern craftsmanship that has helped shaped the new world of guitars today.

The company is headquartered in El Cajon, California and became famous in 1996 for their Baby Taylor dreadnought guitars. Today, they are known all over the world for their guitars that are great for children and travellers because they’re attractive, highly playable, well-built and comes with outstanding sound quality.

About the Taylor GS Mini

The guitars of Taylor are famous for bringing excellent sound quality and this includes their GS Mini. A couple of years ago, Bob Taylor, the head of the guitar making company, decided to revisit their basic model of guitars. He challenged himself and his team to come up with a design that has high-quality sound, but is compact enough to be easily carried around.

After experimenting with his product developer, David Judd, with different variations of top thickness, Baby’s bracing and all the other specifications, they focused themselves on the company’s Grand Symphony (GS) series of body shape in order to capture the rich tone and solid bass of their guitars for their newest instrument. Thus, the latest release of the Taylor GS Mini that is just around $500.

Features of Taylor GS Mini – Editor’s Review

When it comes to the materials that they use with their products, Taylor Guitars makes sure that all their products will have a great contribution to their final output. To understand why the Taylor GS Mini is different among its competitors, here’s a quick run-through on all the materials that were used for the GS Mini.

Composition of Taylor GS Mini

What make every guitar different from each other are the materials and woods that were used. For the Taylor GS Mini, the fingerboard and bridge were made from genuine African ebony that produces a rich, ringing tone that’s best for people who prefer finger style or slow to medium attack.

The back and sides are made from laminated Sapele which gives a great sound with durability, affordability and an appealing design. The top of the guitar is made from solid mahogany that compliments the overall quality of guitar. It’s more on the midrange character and creates a well-balanced tone with the great overtone of the GS Mini.

The GS Mini is equipped with die-cast tuners that helps stabilize the tone of the guitar. You don’t have to worry about your guitar getting out of tune with this type of tuners because they can stay in tune for days, weeks and even a month.

The manufacturers chose to use the Elixir Phosphor bronze, medium gauge NanoWeb strings which I think is really great because it helps the guitar with its toning and quality of sounds. You’ll be able to hear all the strings play with perfect clarity. It’s a good combination with the woods that were chosen because even if you’re fingerpicking or strumming the GS Mini, you’ll be able to hear high quality sounds that would sound like a $1000 guitar.

How Taylor GS Mini Looks

The Taylor GS Mini has one of those traditional looks of an acoustic guitar. Although, it’s slightly thinner compared to full-sized guitars which are just14 3/8” wide. Because of this size, it makes children and even adults feel comfortable playing this guitar even while they’re standing or sitting in a chair.

It has a nut width of 1 11/16” and a saddle of 2 ¼” string spacing. It’s important to take note that the GS Mini is equipped with the NuBone for its nuts and saddle that was created by GraphTech. The NuBone enhances the tone of the GS Mini, contributes to the hardiness, appearance, workability and overall performance of the guitar.

Compared to other guitar brands that just use plastic for their nuts and saddle, Taylor ensures that everything that they include in the setup of their guitars will have a contributing factor on the quality of the sound of it. That is why I really like their addition of these small things to their guitars.

How It Sound

When people talk about the GS series of Taylor Guitars, everybody remembers how powerful the sound quality of these guitars and this is also true with the GS Mini. Although it’s slightly smaller than your regular full-sized guitar, nothing can beat the GS Mini when it comes to sound and value on its own price range.

Because of the grand symphony body shape, the woods and strings that were used, the Taylor GS Mini can match any player’s style of playing. It can match every effort that you make whether you’re strumming or fingerpicking to the power of its volume.

When you strum softly or do a medium attack, it produces rich bass and bright trembles that everyone surely loves to hear. The best time to use the GS Mini is when you’re jamming with friends and family or practicing different chords and songs.

Personal Opinion about Taylor Gs Mini

When you’re looking for a guitar that’s around $500 and you want the best value for your money, I recommend that you check out the Taylor GS Mini. When it comes to durability, comfort, affordability and quality of sound, nothing can beat the GS Mini at its price range.

The manufacturers chose great materials for this guitar and they did it with precision. Because of the Grand Symphony body shape, it didn’t matter if the guitar was a little smaller since it can produce the same world-class quality as the previous guitars of Taylor.

What I’m truly impressed about is that the Taylor Guitars were able to choose more affordable materials for the GS Mini that didn’t lack the sound quality characteristics. Plus, they have installed top notch materials on this guitar like the NuBone for the nuts and saddle.

Comparing Taylor GS Mini vs. Taylor BT2 Baby

Taylor Guitars are known for producing guitars that have world-class sound qualities. Although all of their guitars offer excellent quality with their materials, some are still better than others. When you’re looking for a great guitar under $500, then there’s the Taylor GS Mini and the Taylor BT2 Baby.

There’s no doubt that you’ve across a lot of reviews when you’re looking for both of these guitars on the internet. Both of them are durable, made for beginners and travellers and have a great quality for their sound. But I personally recommend the GS Mini compared to the Baby.

I recommend the GS Mini because of its outstanding qualities. Not only is it just around the budget, but it’s also more compact compared to the Baby and has a fuller sound to it. Plus, if you’re a frequent traveller, the GS Mini is easier to carry around anywhere you go.

Pros of Taylor GS Mini

Although the GS Mini already sounds really good to you by now, here are some quick pros about this guitar:

• The sound quality feels like you’re playing a full-sized guitar.
• Even though it’s quite smaller, it still feels comfortable to play whether you’re sitting or standing.
• The die-cast chrome enables the guitar to stay in tune for long periods of time.
• It’s very much affordable.
• The materials that were used are simple, but is durable.

Cons of the Taylor GS Mini

Even though the GS Mini has a lot of pros, there are still some cons to this guitar. Here are some of the cons you’ll find:

• Some buyers complained that the GS Mini is poorly constructed.

Editor’s Rating or Taylor Mini GS Review

The Taylor GS Mini is doubt a guitar to be reckoned with. Here are my ratings for the features of this guitar and its overall quality:

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
  • Hardware and durability - 9.3/10
  • Sound - 9.5/10
  • Value - 9.6/10
  • Impression - 8.8/10
  • Features - 9.5/10
  • Action, Fit and Finish - 9/10


Taylor Guitars is no doubt one of the best companies that manufacture top of the notch guitars. If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar for a beginner or would just suit for travelling and jamming needs, then you should definitely try the Taylor GS Mini.

For just under $500, you get a guitar that’s made with careful planning and chosen from affordable, but durable materials that helps with the overall tone of the guitar. The Taylor GS Mini is a guitar that’s not only affordable, but also durable, highly playable and will shock you with sound quality like a full-sized guitar.

As what I believe, the Taylor GS Mini has no drawbacks when it comes to sound quality and materials used. Although there are some people that complained about the construction of the guitar, there’s just 1 out 10 chances that you’ll end up with that, especially if you chose to buy from a respected seller.

Thank you so much for enjoying my “Taylor GS Mini Review”. Plz comment below if you have any questions about that.

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