7 Essential Tips For Buying Your Good Beginner Electric Guitar

Buying a good beginner electric guitar for the very first time can be intimidating, especially when there’s nobody to help us in the process. If this is your case then here’s a list of 7 essential tips that hopefully will assist you during this journey.

  1. Define your budget for a good beginner electric guitar

your good beginner electric guitar

Before you go to the music stores, it might be a good idea to determine your budget, if you do this, you’ll be able to spend the amount with which you feel comfortable.

The prices around the world will vary according to the country, but a good start would be having $200 USD for the guitar and $100 USD for the accessories. With this amount you will get something cheap but really useful, it will not be the best for a super concert or a recording, but it will give you a decent sound which is perfect if you are learning.

If you don’t count with that amount of money then giving a try to the second-hand market will be the best idea for you. You’ll find a lot of guitars with differents prices, starting in $100 USD, they will not be as good as a new one from a store, but with some repair and maintenance, they will recover the sound and aesthetic that used to have when they were new.

  1. Having the most expensive guitar at the store won’t make you the best musician in the world

Along the years, I’ve seen people who think that spending a lot of money in a new instrument will give them magically the talent or the experience of a rock start. This thought is actually more dangerous that you think because a variation of it says “the cheapest instruments will always sound bad without caring who plays them”, of course, this is not true.

You may know this, but an expensive instrument doesn’t make a good musician, hours and more hours of practice, study, inspiration and many others facts where only the 10% depends on the instrument and the 90% of the person, it is where a good musician is born. So, if you’re starting and your guitar sounds bad, don’t be frustrated, you only need more practice, and with the time you’ll see how good it’ll sounds.

It is important to know that we can find some instruments which will have some serious problems like not being possible to tune them or using them for learning can be counterproductive but don’t worry, this doesn’t happen in most cases.

  1. It’s more important the model than the brand

    It’s more important the model than the brand guitar

The brand of the guitar is important, especially when you’re looking for spare parts, but buying a new instrument is similar to buy a new car so let’s try to imagine it. When we’re going purchase a car, we have a lot of concessionaires, Ford, Nissa, BMW, VW, Chevrolet and so on, which have a huge variety of cars which satisfies any need but even tho? You wouldn’t buy a car from any brand without knowing the model, because of this, having an idea or knowing which model and characteristics we want in a guitar will make the difference when we buy it. For example, if we want to play heavy metal, buying a semi-hollow guitar isn’t the best idea but if we’re going for something like jazz, having one of those will give us exactly what we expect and even more.

Some characteristics than we should have in mind are:

  • Type of pickup: We will find simple and double known as Single-coil and Humbucker
  • Bridge: There are simple bridges, with tremolo fixed and some, which are better, with floating tremolo known as Floyd, rose as well.
  • Type of body: There are a Solid body, Hollow, and Semi-Hollow.

If you liked a guitar from a store, but you aren’t sure about buying it or not then you can search in Google or Youtube for some information, it will be useful and motivating, especially because it will give you another point of view before you buy it.

  1. If it looks AWESOME, doesn’t mean it’s comfortable and for sure not the best in sound.

When someone is going to buy a guitar sometimes their eyes speak their minds, if it’s blue with a lot of flames and a strange shape. It doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable to play or its hardware is a good one, it’s important that you like it visually buy don’t make it the only reason to buy it.

  1. Having a good sound doesn’t depend on 100% of the guitar.

To define the sound, there are many factors so if the guitar sounds bad don’t blame it. Cables, amplifiers, strings, pedals and so on, are the ones which define the final sound of the instrument.

  1. Do not forget the extra expenses and accessories

    electric guitar Accessories

Always keep in mind that when you buy a new instrument, you’ll need to spend money on some accessories and details like:

  • Cases, Gig Bags and Covers: if you want to take care of your new instrument then having one of those it’s an excellent idea.
  • Straps: it allows you to play the guitar standing and make it easier to carry it.
  • Strings: usually, the ones which come with the guitar are always in the exhibition due to this the sun, humidity, and others environment elements can ruin them, having a new and good ones will give your guitar a perfect sound without spending too much money.
  • Stand or Rack: If you don’t have one then, where will you put your guitar? Please, don’t tell me the floor.

Buying all of these accessories will cost approximately $65 USD, you don’t have to buy them right away after you get your guitar, especially if you can’t afford it at the moment, but acquiring them with the time it’s the best option.

If you are thinking in future and having in your mind the possibility of buying an amplifier but you don’t have enough money in your pocket for a whole combo, starting with a small one will fix the problem. It costs $70 USD with 10-15 watts which are good enough to allow you to practice without any problems.

There are some packages with “all included” that I do not recommend. The price will be $100 USD approximately, but even tho it’s very tempting not only because it saves us some money but time as well, most of the time they are made with very cheaps materials that aren’t of good quality so because you wanted to save some cents you could lose some dollars. There will always be some exceptions to the rule, but it’s better to be careful when we buy them.

  1. Try out the guitar at the store and ask all your doubts before you buy it

Every sell assistant is there for helping you besides they are being paid for that, because of this, don’t be shy when it comes to asking all your doubts. You aren’t going to buy soda, you need to be sure about what are you purchase and of course if it will suit you perfectly. It doesn’t matter if the seller hates you at the end of the day but always remember to ask without harassing him/her.

As we already said, having a good sound depends on many factors but trying it before buying it will give you an idea how heavy and comfortable the guitar is, in this way you’ll find the perfect one.

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