Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Ultimate Review

Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar
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I'm sure Yamaha FGS700SC is a fine example of a great guitar. When it comes to money spent vs. product quality, Yamaha is near impossible to beat. It's not only an amazing your first guitar, but also you can proudly play it for a lifetime.

Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Yamaha FGX700SC Review

If you are a guitar enthusiast and want to begin learning guitar, finding an appropriately sized guitar that sounds great can be really tough. The guitar must match your aspirations and music tastes.

For you to stay motivated while you’re beginning to learn guitar, you need to find a guitar that addresses your preferences. There are plenty of aspects that you must be considering while you choose a guitar. You need to consider its weight, size and what not!

As a beginner, you must find a guitar that stays in tune and is easy to play. However, electronics, body style, the cosmetics and the tone matter too. Since it is all quite perplexing to you, it is imperative that you choose the right one. Worry not!

I might have just the guitar that fits all the requisites of a beginner. Brace yourselves, you are going to come across one of the best guitars in the recent times!

Yamaha FGX700SC Review

Yamaha FG700S, the most successful solid top guitar by Yamaha, is now available in the acoustic-electric model- the YAMAHA FGX700SC Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This guitar us great as an entry level priced model that comes with luxurious features that include a solid spruce top by Sitka, die-cast tuners and Yamaha custom system55T preamp/piezo. This guitar offers all the impressive features that its previous model, the FG700S, had with included cutaway and a one-way preamp/piezo system. The beauty lies in the natural finish this guitar has got, with hi gloss.

Few Amazing Features of Yamaha FGX700SC

  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Back case material: Mahogany
  • Material of the body: Nato; Sitka spruce
  • String material: Bronze
  • Top material: Also spruce
  • Neck Material: Nato
  • String numbers: 6
  • Size: Dreadnought
  • Fingerboard and Bridge: Rosewood
  • Number of frets: 20
  • It has got dovetail type of neck joint
  • It comes in three beautiful colors, natural, black and brown sunburst

In the year 2011, Yamaha decided to introduce a successor to its all time famous Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar, and I must say, They’ve done a really great job. I have a friend who owns this spectacular piece, and when I laid my hands on it, the experience was splendid. Let me describe this marvel to you!

Product Description

As said, this guitar is the acoustic-electric upgrade of one among the all-time successful guitars from Yamaha. Just like any other guitar from Yamaha, even this one comes with wide range of features and amazing electronics. The FG series from Yamaha have always been famous for blending expert craftsmanship along with latest technologies to create one piece, and that is what exactly the FGX700SC is. If I had to describe this guitar in one line, I would say, ” High-level output at an affordable cost.”

Body and neck

This particular guitar from China that has a rosewood fingerboard with twenty frets and tiny fret markers, which you can barely notice even if you view it from a short distance. The solid spruce top of Sitka along with few great lines in the wood makes it a beauty. The finish is quite natural, along with a thick coating of acrylic. The back and the sides are made of the ever magnificent mahogany. The length is sufficient for a beginner or a semi-professional. This classic piece also comes with chrome die-cast tuners, easily one of the reasons why this guitar is such a big hit! The electronics which are included are of excellent quality and transcends the cost of the piece. The system55T has one pickup, the renown Piezo-3 Band equalizer, along with a built-in tuner and AMF control (Adjustable Midrange Frequency).

How Yamaha FGX700SC Sound

The kind of music I play is what I feel like playing at any given instant. However, lately, I am on this venture of taking up hard rock songs to play them unplugged. And let me tell you, to do that, this guitar is just perfect. When the quality electronics, materials, and Yamaha wisdom comes together, squeezing great tunes out of this model will not come across as a surprise. The distinct, prominent highs and rich lows offer you an experience that can seamlessly match any high-end instrument. Even if you indulge in jamming or hard playing, rarely will you hear any sort of distortion out of this guitar you are playing. With amazing full sound and aid of extra electronics, this particular piece can churn out any music style you can think of. I personally like the six string units coming at this pricing, since it makes an appropriate guitar for beginners and seasoned players alike. This brilliant piece keeps itself tuned and rarely will you be put in a situation to reset it.

Action, Fit and Finish

The action in this guitar is quite good. I deem it as a beginner’s guitar. However, it works incredibly for seasonal players as well. The fit of the frets and strings are immaculate, perfection in every sense. The body looks great, and the finishing is something any guitar player would fall in love with.

Durability and Reliability of Yamaha FGX700SC

The dependability of this guitar is very impressive. Once you tune this guitar, it stays tuned. Let me put it this way; you need not carry another one when you go out to play. Besides, my friend is a Klutz and often falls up stairs. Having said that, his guitar has gone through thick and thin and has still lived to tell the legend. It has been bashed pretty hard onto walls, has been dropped on concrete, but still has survived with nothing over five tiny white scratches. The durability of the strap button is intense too. This one is a really tough cookie.

Yamaha FGX700SC Review: Personal Favorite

When I had played this guitar with my own hands, I was immensely pleased. When my friend told me he was having a really great time with his guitar, I got deeply interested and conducted quite a lot of research. I spent hours together going through reviews and specifications of this piece and what I eventually found was that, if you are a budget-conscious beginner in the field of guitar, this guitar is tailor made for you. Once I was thoroughly impressed with its features and offerings, I bought myself one. I will take you through a quick pro-con list of this spectacular model.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha FGX700SC


  • The design of this guitar is simply amazing. With the mahogany used for its build, it makes for a great look of a classical acoustic-electric guitar.
  • The rosewood fingerboard and neck is what makes this guitar look magnificent.
  • Whatever style of music you would want to play, this guitar will fit like a perfect match to you.  # The pickguard that comes in an elegant tortoise shape shell fits right for your pick.
  • With die-cast chrome tuners and piezo equalizers, the sound quality of the guitar is splendid and you won't hear any sort of buzz even when you involve yourself in hard playing.
  • The guitar is pretty tough and durable. Given the fact that it comes at an economic price, it is more than worth it!


Well, I can't really think much of the cons except for some issues with the strings that may occur after it is used for a long time. The fact that it does not come with a case is a little bit disappointing. You have to buy the case separately.


The final verdict

This guitar can potentially delight every single beginner and does not stop there. Even if you are semi-professional or you play guitar as your hobby and are looking for an economic best seller with amazing electronics, you will definitely be pleased with this Yamaha FGX700SC guitar. Looking for a guitar which plays better than this guitar, that costs less than $300 will be next to impossible for you. Simply put, this guitar is totally worth its price, and there is no reason I cannot recommend this to you. If there is any guitar that I’d strongly recommend, it would be this!

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