Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review – Ultimate Buying Experience

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review
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Today’s review of the Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar will earn this acoustic instrument 8.5 out of our Ten Rock Stars. While eight and a half out of ten score rating may not sound like a significant accomplishment, we must take all of the factors into consideration when judging this particular model. The F335 boasts some solid attributes with its low-cost accessibility and its beginner-friendly design for playability...

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

yamaha f335 review
Today, we will be reviewing one of the most user-friendly, introductory level guitars currently on the market today, the Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar.

This is an acoustic guitar that has without a doubt been the first purchase for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of beginner level guitar players or even intermediate level players making the switch from electric to acoustic. So let’s dive in, shall we?

I chose to review the Yamaha F335 today for a few reasons in particular. Firstly, there is without a doubt much more than what meets the eye to this particular Yamaha model. Even one simple look will tell you that this is one of most classic looking and recognizable acoustic guitars. Sporting its gold die-cast tuners, spruce top, classic rosewood fingerboard and tinted Meranti back and sides.

Playing the F335 will tell you more about its capabilities, what to expect from this product, and also show you that it is definitely crafted into a very versatile quality guitar for guitarists of all backgrounds to learn some of the more complicated techniques and perhaps even begin fine tuning your expert level acoustic playing skills.

Now from my personal experience with this guitar I would recommend this Yamaha model to a guitar player of almost any skill level for a few good reasons, but realistically I would most likely recommend purchasing this guitar to newly beginning players. It has the flexibility and range of learning quickly when making the switch from electric to acoustic guitars, and it plays wonderfully.

This particular Yamaha will without a doubt get the job done when trying to get a classic, full-bodied acoustic guitar sound not only on your own personal record but also for live performance you’ll be able to get fantastic results. The large Meranti body gives it a fuller, warm sound that makes it perfect for smaller live performances or even more significant performances while it is mixed up.

I’ve owned this guitar for about three years now and have played it around get-togethers with friends and campfires and even used it on a large number of home recording demos and I have never once been disappointed with the Yamaha’s results.

The Yamaha F335 definitely has it’s benefits of being a fantastic entry-level choice with the ability to entertain even expert level guitar players.

The F335 is an acoustic guitar at one of its most simple (yet still perfectly acceptable) forms so when purchasing this model there is a lot to benefit from in its simplicity, and a lot of potential to learn from its high-quality design and excellent production.

When taking into consideration all of the benefits this model has to offer you at virtually under $160 USD can any buyer really complain about this purchase? Not at all, and for good reason!

However, for guitar players out there reading this that fall into the “Expert” level of playing ability, the F335 can still absolutely deliver a fantastic level of positive results and will often satisfy what an “Expert” level player is looking for in a well-rounded acoustic guitar such as this one.

Expert use on this particular Yamaha will give this acoustic a bit of fun, back to the basics feel with enough expandability that you can use your level of expertise to try and push the boundaries and limitations of this fantastic overall instrument.

In conclusion my fellow guitar geeks, this is an honestly great purchase for the price. You’re receiving a traditionally beautiful, lightweight acoustic guitar that can help you accomplish almost all avenues of the acoustic guitar playing world.

So whether it be you’re a newly devoted guitar novice just trying to memorize and perfect your scales, or you’re an expert level guitar aficionado just looking for a decent guitar to easily bring around with you to entertain with. Or even any level in between, you’re without a doubt going to find satisfaction in the F335.

Yamaha F335 Review: The Rock Score Ratings

(1 = Inadequate, 5 = Average, 10 = Perfect)

Body & Neck: 8/10

I’m going to place the Yamaha F335’s body & neck ranking at a well deserved seven out of ten for a few particular reasons. As I mentioned earlier in this review, it is a fantastically simple made introductory to intermediate level acoustic guitar, but you must remember that you are still in fact only paying under $200 for this product.

For people unfamiliar with the pricing of musical instruments this might seem like an annoying amount to shell out for one acoustic guitar, but I assure you that for the price that you are paying for this instrument, you are receiving every dollars worth of quality for it. Not often in the music world will instruments of ANY kind be this well priced, so when it comes to the F335, there is no better bargain.

So while it is quality enough for a small performance or home demos, when it comes to guitar gear and acoustic guitar gear especially, you get what you pay for. And this model certainly delivers it’s under 200 dollar bang for it’s under $200 buck.

Hardware: 8.7/10

The hardware on this guitar definitely gets the job done in not only a very effective way but also with a subtle hint of class. The gold die-cast tuners work very efficiently when tuning single strings, with locking mechanisms that have held a tuning through even the roughest of strumming.

Also, an issue that often is prevalent with guitar in this price range is the problem of strings becoming out of tune when other strings are adjusted. The F335 holds faithful to be in the tuning you need, when you need it, and for as long as you desire.

A truly well-crafted locking system. The best method of attaching a strap to the F335 guitar is noted as using a tie-on strap as it does lack a strap node on the rear, however, in my personal opinion I enjoy a tie-on strap much more over traditional guitar straps for my live performances (another win-win situation!).

Price definitely plays a major key in determining the quality of these factors, however, so once again purchasing the F335 still proves to be an excellent choice for this budget.

Sound: 8.5/10

I don’t want this ranking of 8.5/10 to discourage any interested buyers sheerly because it is only a seven out of ten. Remember, a five out of ten on the Rock Score Ratings is an absolutely average score so even though it may look like it only scored seventy percent on this test, I assure you it is still holding a quality value of above average. Don’t be intimidated by the ranking at all when deciding if the Yamaha F335 is for you or not! After all, the tone is in the hands of the player (or so they say) isn’t it?

Value: 8/10

The value on this guitar is 100% faithful to the price as I’ve stated numerous times throughout this article and this is where that “you get what you pay for” mentality that I’ve repeatedly been reinforcing comes back into play.

I’ve decided I’ll be giving this an acoustic an 8/10 for a few reasons. One of which reasons being that when it comes to the most straightforward and basic “starter level” guitars, you could technically opt-in for buying an under $100 children’s acoustic (which would most likely receive the ranking of 1 or 2). But, the Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar is not the same level as those most basic and childish instruments.

This guitar is above many similar products in both prices, design and functionality even if the very next step up in acoustic guitar products seem to be only a relatively small one. This ranking is the fairest ranking for this product in my opinion, as the value should not be measured in dollar value, as it should be measured of quality you receive at that price, and this is exactly why the Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar receives the 8/10.

Overall Rock Scores Ranking: 8.5/10

Yamaha F335 Review
  • Body & Neck - 8/10
  • Hareware - 8.7/10
  • Sound - 8.5/10
  • Value - 8/10


Today’s review of the Yamaha F335 will earn this acoustic instrument 8.5 out of our Ten Rock Stars.

While eight and a half out of ten score rating may not sound like a significant accomplishment, we must take all of the factors into consideration when judging this particular model. The F335 boasts some solid attributes with its low-cost accessibility and its beginner-friendly design for playability. With these points at hand, it makes itself an excellent selection for the “new to acoustic” type guitar player, or even the intermediate level player looking for a comfortable acoustic to hold them over.

Where this guitar lacks in “star power” it shines in its accessibility to the common (and uncommon) player, the Yamaha F335 is overall really a well rounded and solid acoustic instrument that definitely earns the “above average” guitar review ranking of eight and a half score out of ten.

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