What Is Flamenco Guitar and Its Characteristics?

What Is Flamenco Guitar 

The flamenco guitar is one of the more widespread variations of the Spanish guitar. Although they are very similar, the Flamenco guitar has several peculiarities. For instance, its sound is less intense and has less volume than the Spanish guitar (classical guitar), but it is more brilliant and percussive.

what is flamenco guitar

It is not a coincidence that this guitar is spread throughout the world. In fact, the Flamenco guitar is in the UNESCO’s cultural heritage list.

Although appearance is almost identical to the classical guitar, flamenco guitar has a number of peculiarities both in appearance and sound that allow you to identify it quickly. Its box is generally slimmer than the traditional Spanish guitar, which makes it more comfortable to play. This is why may guitarist choose this type of guitar as their favorite. Another aspect to take into account is the wood used to make this guitar. Cypress, rosewood, and sycamore are used for the back and side, while the German spruce is used for the top. Wood choice would depend on the taste and needs of the guitar player because, besides having a different color, each wood have different sound properties. Lastly, the Flamenco guitar has a protective layer on both sides of the wood to protect the guitar from scratches or hit, which are common when playing Flamenco music.

Obviously, the sound and feel of a Flamenco guitar is different from the Spanish guitar. It is neither better nor worse; they both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, some experts claim that the biggest differences are imposed by the guitar players and not by the guitars themselves. This is because there’s no doubt that some people have the Flamenco running through their blood.

What about you? Do you prefer the Flamenco guitar or the Spanish guitar?

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