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What is a capo for guitar (or guitar capo)?

Today, I will show you what the capo is for and tips on how to use it, since many beginners and even people who have played for longer have this doubt. So keep reading and watch the video lesson below to learn all the details, and try to apply what you’ve learned on your own guitar later.

Do you know that technique called the barre chord, where you hold down all strings of the guitar with the same finger? The technique that is taught in the guitar for beginners course? To put it simply, the capo will do the same as the barre chord, holding down all or some of the guitar strings. Before learning anymore, take a look at the image below where I show the capo making a barre chord in one specific note of the guitar.

what is guitar capo?

Well, as you can see above, the capo must be placed holding all or some of the guitar strings, but this also depends on the model because some of them can be placed holding only a few of the guitar strings depending on what the guitarist will play, while other simpler models can only be placed to hold all strings.

What are the advantages of using a guitar capo?

Normally, we need to change the layout of the guitar chords in order to change the tone of music allowing for more acute, higher semitones. This is generally achieved with a barre chord or with another method. Do you know what the problem with this is?

The problem is that in many cases, it doesn’t sound so good using the loose strings and it can be difficult to use other chord layouts or barre chords for the beginner. That’s where the capo comes in, do you know why?

By using a guitar capo, you can increase the tone of the music as if you were playing it with loose strings without changing the used chord layouts. This without a doubt, makes the lives of a lot of guitarists easier and makes the sound of the guitar more beautiful to listen to. Well, now all you need is to know how to do it, right?

To increase the tone by one semitone at a time using a capo, try putting it in the first note, then the second, then the third note and so on. While doing this, the layout of the chords will act like the first note of the guitar after the capo and that’s why you can use the same chord layout.

Watch the detailed video lesson below to avoid any further doubts.

Other interesting tips about guitar capo

Good use of the capo also depends on the musician’s creativity, the individual tastes of the guitarist and the type of music played. The fact of the matter is, many prefer to use other fine tunings on the guitar or other chord layouts. For this reason, I recommend that you test the use of this accessory and feel the vibe, only then you will know if you like to use it or not.

There are many guitarists who like to play bass and solo at the same time on the guitar, and for these styles, you find a lot of musicians that use the capo like the great guitarist Tommy Emmanuel and many others.

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