9 Initial Guides Will Assist You In The New Challenge: Learn To Play The Ukulele!

If you have on your hands a ukulele (or just thinking of buying one). Here are some initial tips that will assist you in this new challenge: learn to play the ukulele!

learn to play the ukulele for beginners


1. Have a ukulele.

Once you decide that you enjoy the ukulele instrument, try to get one for you. Almost everyone started playing with a cheap as well. These ukuleles mouth half are right for you to decide whether to continue playing or not. But once you decide to enter the world of ukulele, we recommend you get, then a decent quality ukulele. With a quality uke, is much easier to hit the chords without that “Buzz”, the instrument is tuned for longer; it is simpler to play, and the sound is much more pleasurable. With all these benefits, you increasingly stimulate get it out of the closet and play new songs.

2. Have quality strings.

The type of string you use can make a big difference to the sound of your ukulele. I recommend asking the seller what is the brand of strings that come with Ukulele that you will buy. Generally, ukuleles are sold with low-quality strings and therefore an unpleasant sound. So it is worth replacing them with higher quality strings, as D’Addario or Aquila. Many musical instruments stores already sell this brand. If you do not sell in your city, buy on the internet.

3. Sharpen your ukulele always.

If your ukulele is out of tune, you will sound horrible. So, please take the time you need to tune your ukulele correctly, because it is not the easiest instrument to tune, and especially to keep in tune. The better your most comfortable ukulele tune it will be and the longer it will continue to tune. Buy a chromatic tuner or lower an application on your phone (I use DaTuner Lite on my android).

4. Hold your ukulele fondly.

Do not hold your ukulele with great force. The ukulele is a small instrument, and very easy to muffle its sound. So do not hold it too tightly or you will lose a lot of volume and tone. Note masters of the ukulele as Jake Shimabukuro holding uke.

5. Slow down, my friend.

Practice slowly until you do not make more mistakes. It is much easier to start slowly, managing to hit the melody and chords. Just hitting it, it is already pleasant to listen, even if you are not in the standard rhythm of the music. And if you’re getting everything right, then gradually increase the rhythm.

6. Learn to read numbers.

Learn to read guitar chords and to play the ukulele. There are plenty of people who just ukulele songs they have learned in video lessons. But probably there is no video class or even ukulele cipher to most of the songs you love. So learn to read guitar chords and play these agreements ukulele will actually increase new music learning speed, and will allow you to play your favorite songs. I usually catch figures in CifrasClub, or when the music is English, I use the site Ultimate-Guitar. An important detail for beginners to frustrate: select only figures with chords you already play the ukulele.

7. Find your mistakes – best lesson from learn to play the Ukulelele

Record a video with you playing a song on the ukulele and look for improvements. To most people, it ‘s hard to play and watch the mistakes at the same time. Often, just watching what you are doing wrong in the video is enough to solve the problem.

8. Have fun when learn to play the Ukulele

The great appeal of the ukulele is that it is the most fun instrument in the world. Some people try to belittle him calling him a toy. However, call it the only toy is a great compliment because toys are fun, and it is also the ukulele.

9. Between head in the world of ukulele.

See many videos of the ukulele. The more you watch, the more you will understand the idea of the ukulele and the way it should sound. Subconsciously, this will influence the way you play.

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