How to Impress People with your Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

Who play guitar are 90% more attractive

Hey everybody, everything ok? Today I will give some tips on how to impress people with your acoustic guitar, even if you’re not a perfect musician.

Yes, it may seem superficial at first, it’s not to show off but to make yourself worthy sometimes. Through the first stone at whoever never wanted to impress that girl, friends or about show that you already play well?

However, is not enough to leave that lovely acoustic guitar in the bedroom corner. So, if you are already at that time when everybody wants to see you playing, sticking only with stretching exercises and chords training certainly aren’t enough.

Think about it. I will compile this list of things that you must keep in mind when you want to impress that girl or boy of your dreams. I will make a version for both the male and female audience.

How to Impress Girls with your Acoustic or Electric Guitar

1. Be sure that she knows

If you want to impress someone with your acoustic or electric guitar, this person must know you can play it. It seems obvious, but it was a mistake that I made for a very long time when I started playing it. I thought that the question would come up, or someone would ask. But you need to be more proactive.

You can’t have too much expectation the first time, but also don’t take too long to talk about it. Use shortcuts to get to the subject like letting a few picks of your pocket fall “accidentally”. But every case is unique; you will have to know the right timing to get to the subject.

2. Do not play an electric instrument unplugged

By self-experience, if you leave your Les Paul or Strat unplugged while playing it, slowly people will get bored. It’s a little frustrating when this kind of instrument that people associate with rock n’ roll produces a sound without any vibration. Even if you are going to play a calmer sound on the electric guitar, do it plugged in.

3. Be able to play a song well

Who already plays acoustic or electric guitar can be impressed with the self-ability of playing a solo or riffs that you just learned, even more so if played with good technique. But if you find yourself in a situation that you need to play for a girl, it must be a song. The idea is to show an emotional connection between you and the instrument. It doesn’t have to be complicated or technical; it’s enough to be able to play. It’s even better if you can sing. But be careful, if you can’t sing well, you can screw up the song.

It will also depend a little on her taste. Some bands that have good songs would play Pink Floyd, Beatles, Bob Marley, Cassia Eller, Jota Quest, Victor and Leo in case she likes country music.

4. Don’t let her see you practicing

Not only women but people in general, are not interested in seeing how you are progressing with your instrument or as happy as you are with the universe. They only want to see the final result. She also not interested in hearing the same 30 notes over and over.

5. Be the center of attentions

This is practically a nuclear attack to impress all of them. If you are on a stage even better. It doesn’t matter if your acoustic guitar is a little out of tune, if playing a few wrong notes or you are scruffy, the intention is not to impress professionals in this case. If this position is a little intimidating for you, I can only say: get over it!

How to Impress a Guy with your Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Now let’s talk about the other side. Trying to impress a boy with your acoustic or electric guitar requires a whole different approach, principally for the fact that men have a less complex brain. Now without further ado, here it is a list of methods for you to impress a guy with your instrument.

1. Have Your Own Instrument

Yeah, this is great. Having an acoustic guitar is enough to make the guys set you apart from the other girls, even more so if it is an electric guitar. It doesn’t matter if you are not playing very well or perfectly fine-tuned. It just needs to have all the strings.

2. Know the hardware

This is also good. If you can talk about the electric guitar, amplifiers, pickups, your strings and so on, you are well ahead of the rest. We all say we are musicians. Since the forums on the internet related to acoustic or electric guitars have more pages about equipment, instruments, technical details and even the type of solder used, it’s the only place where people make uploads of their videos or some real work of music, despite being the most pacific pages on the forums. No, you don’t need to be a hardware nerd (unless you really like it) to know about the capacitor value, but showing interest in the subject help.

3. Have a small riffs repertoire

In the previous section about how to impress the girls, I stressed the importance of knowing how to play an entire song. The opposite is the truth when you are trying to impress guys. It’s great to have a riff repertoire of a few introductions and small solos. I will give you a tip: Unchained (Van Halen) and Purple Haze from Jimi Hendrix or By The Way from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

4. Don’t understand anything about equipment

What? Wait a minute, what about section 2? Wait I will explain! It’s a risky move it but can be extremely useful. The principal idea here in section 4 is that you can only make a conjunction having part 5 in mind.

Even if you don’t know what your instrument model or amplifier is when asked or keep your acoustic guitar under the bed without its case, you will get a lot of respect following this advice.

5. Be great

Yeah, for us men to see that a woman knows exactly what she is doing with an instrument really gets the attention. Showing that you actually know acoustic or electric guitar better than most grown men is cool. Unfortunately, it requires more time but the work is also rewarding. Being able to play something that a month ago you couldn’t, I can safely say is an incredibly satisfying sensation and will draw the attention of any guy.

I hope this advice will help you reach your goal and be successful! If you have some tips or stories to tell, share with us!

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