Fender DG-60 Acoustic Guitar Ultimate Review

Fender DG-60 Acoustic Guitar
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I highly recommend the DG-60 acoustic guitar, because although it is intended to be a beginner’s guitar, the quality of the sound and everything that the guitar has is at an excellent point in which it makes this a great product, and a must buy, by my perspective. The specs of the guitar are amazing, the neck, the body, the frets it gives the guitar the perfect final touch

If you are looking a beautiful guitar, especial if you are a beginner guitarist, please pay attention to read my Fender DG-60 review.

Fender DG-60 Review

Eric Clapton, a great musician, had a Fender Stratocaster; he used it in many famous songs. He called this guitar Brownie because of the brown color. Brownie was his favorite guitar, but he had to sell it to charity for 497.500 dollars. Brownie is now in a museum dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix, “Experience Music Project.” It is one of the most expensive guitars ever sold.

The guitar is an instrument classified as a string instrument. It usually has six strings, but can have up to 18 strings, and as few as 4. There are different types of guitars; one of them is the acoustic guitar. It is called acoustic because it produces sound acoustically. When someone begins to play an acoustic guitar the sound waves from the string, resonate inside of the guitar´s body, creating an incredible sound. Many brands make guitars, one in specific and my favorite one is Fender.

There are many expensive guitars in the market. Have you ever wondered what guitar to buy but you are on a tight budget? Or do you have a list of guitars that would probably fit your expectation but you can´t make your mind? This review of the Fender DG-60 might help you decide.

History of Fender

Fender is an American company that builds and sells stringed instruments and amplifiers. Its founder, Leo Fender, started to work with fixing radios before he created the company, then he began to be interested in repairing musical instruments, it was because of this that he got his knowledge regarding musical instruments. Then, he created the company and modified –in his way- the standard model of the electric guitar and “created” a new type of guitar, the most famous guitars made by Fender are the Stratocaster (also known as “Strat”) and the Telecaster (also known as “Tele”). Ironically, Leo Fender never learned how to play guitar.

There are many types of acoustic guitars; one of the most famous is the Dreadnought guitar, CF Martin created the original shape, and an old English warship inspired its name. The shoulders of a Dreadnought guitar are rounded, and the neck and the body meet around the 14th fret, which allows people to play it with ease, this style brings an equal volume and size. This is why many artists and bands have used this type of acoustic guitar.

Specifications And Features of Fender DG-60 Acoustic Guitar

One, in particular, is the Fender DG-60 classic design series, DG stands for Dreadnought Guitar. The Fender DG series was introduced in 1996, and to this date, this guitar is one of the most sold. The Fender DG-60 acoustic guitar has 20 frets that run through the neck with Fender’s new strings Dura-Tone that give full bright tones, and sustaining notes, 25.3” scale, the Nato neck ( the type of wood) is very impressive and breathtaking.

fender dg-60 review and buying guide - acoustic guitar

Why I choose Fender DG-60

This guitar features a dual action truss rod – a steel bar that´s inside the neck, beneath the fingerboard that it stabilizes the relief of the necks. A black pickguard – also known as the scratchplate, it´s a piece commonly made of plastic placed on the body of the guitar or any other string instruments. And a scalloped x-bracing – a wooden support and a soundboard reinforcement of acoustic guitars internally.

The advantage of the scalloped x bracing is that it vibrates more, it gives more volume, and it gives a clearer sound (which, in my opinion, is a bright and beautiful touch). The guitar also has dot positions in the frets to guide better while playing, and – on the top – a Gold silkscreened Fender logo that gives the finishing touch of the guitar

I have a friend who owns this guitar, and he is very pleased with it. At first, he thought it was not a good idea to buy this guitar just because it is for beginners. He thought it wasn´t going to sound well and it wasn´t going to last long, then he realized that the guitar sounded as if it wasn´t a beginners guitar, so he is euphoric with the DG-60. I personally have played it a couple of times, and I have noticed how nice this guitar is, and we both agreed that it is a very great guitar to play and that it is very smooth to jam. Although this guitar was made for beginners, I think the durability and the clear sound that is produced when the guitar is played fall out of the category of a beginner’s guitar.

Fender DG-60 Review: Pros and Cons


I have asked people and read on the internet about what they think about the DG-60. And many individuals and posts on the web said that: This guitar has an excellent feel and audio, “months can pass by and it stays in tune,” which is perfect for someone who is beginning to play the guitar and does not have any tuning device. And everybody who owns a DG-60 or has played it at some point in their life, have told me that “it is very fun to play.”

I think that one of the most important aspects of the DG-60 is that it was made for beginners, and because of that if you are on a tight budget, this guitar is perfect. The price range is between $150 and $180 but sometimes on particular occasions, like holidays, and so, you can find the guitar as low as $99 at some stores. Of course, this doesn’t mean that because it is a beginner’s guitar and it is at a very low price the guitar will not be durable.


The “bad” things I have heard as a complaint is that because sometimes people don’t take good care of the guitar, they take it outside very often, and then they don’t give the proper care for it, the guitar starts to crack. Some guitar players who use this guitar said that the sound of the guitar with the original strings that came from was good but not as good as, for example, D’Addario strings or any other known brand.

Personal Opinion About Fender DG-60

In my opinion, if you take good care of your guitar, you can make your guitar last a lifetime. I recommend all the guitar users to have it in a hard case, clean it once a while, keep it at room temperature so your guitar will be out of danger like being affected by humidity, and not to leave it on the floor since an acoustic guitar is made of thin wood. If you follow instructions and research well on the proper handling of a guitar, you can make your guitar last longer.

Final Thought

I highly recommend the DG-60 acoustic guitar, because although it is intended to be a beginner’s guitar, the quality of the sound and everything that the guitar has is at an excellent point in which it makes this a great product, and a must buy, by my perspective. The specs of the guitar are amazing, the neck, the body, the frets it gives the guitar the perfect final touch. There are many good reviews on the internet, especially on YouTube. You can find people playing it so you can see how clear and wonderful it sounds. I suggest that before buying the guitar, go to several other places, on the internet, or on local stores to see if you can get a good price with a case included or new strings.

If you have any questions about my Fender DG-60 review, please let me know!

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