What is the best baritone ukulele? There are a few cheaper instruments out there which promise the world, but really do not deliver. I want to help you to avoid those. That is why I have put together this list.

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Here, you will discover some of the best baritone ukuleles out there. I have taken great care to ensure that this list is comprised of instruments which sound great but come in at an affordable price. As a result, this list is going to be perfect for both new players and experienced players alike.

best baritone ukulele buying guide and reviews

Best Baritone Ukulele #1: Kala MK-B Baritone Ukulele

Kala is one of my favorite ukulele manufacturers out there. This is because the company really seems to understand the effort required to put together a top product. Each new ukulele that they come out with seems to be far superior to the last. The MK-B is not an exception to this rule.

This baritone ukulele has been built with slightly different materials to some of the other ukuleles out there. Most of them will tend to go with mahogany for their construction. This unit goes for Agathis. This helps to keep the cost down.

I know there are some people out there who really care about the wood that is used to make their ukulele but tries not to fret too much here.

I have played on this instrument a lot, and I can tell you that the product sounds as brilliant as anyone made of mahogany. In fact, you can enjoy it a little bit more as you do not have to put up with the price that some of the mahogany products out there boast.

When I was putting together this list, I went through a lot of reviews about ukuleles. After all, I wanted to make sure that my readers were being recommended the best products on the market.

You deserve it! I was barely able to find a negative review about this one. Try as I might. Why? Because the people that have played this instrument know that they are getting value for money. It plays great; it sounds great, and it is solidly built. This means that you are going to end up with an instrument that you will be more than happy to play for years and years to come.

A real highlight of the ukulele is the geared tuners. I feel as though many companies out there are not including geared tuners enough nowadays. They look to save money wherever possible, and tuners seem to be the place where they skimp. Not Kala. You will end up with an instrument that can stay in tune, even if you spend hours and hours strumming away on your ukulele.

The only real negative about this instrument is that it does not come installed with the greatest strings in the world. Therefore, when you give it a purchase, you should pick up a set of your favorite strings at the same time.

Best Baritone Ukulele #2: Caramel CB103 30-inch-high Gloss Zebra Wood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele

I am always a little bit dubious about electric ukuleles which come in at a low price. I never feel like the electronics used going to be great. I like to be surprised, though, and that is something that this offering from Caramel did.

Right away, I was struck by how great the instrument looked. You are going to be struck by the Zebra wood. I certainly was. It looks fantastic. It is very rare that you will see this type of timber used in the construction of a ukulele, so I was a little bit worried about how it would sound. I did not need to be. It resonated very well and had excellent acoustics.

The fretboard, as with most other fretboards at this price point, was rosewood. I love playing on rosewood fretboards, particularly ones who are finished to the quality that this baritone ukulele boasts. My fingers just glide over them, and they feel great to the touch. It makes playing the ukulele a genuinely joyful experience.

I loved the quality of the electronics in this unit. As I mentioned previously, I am always a little bit skeptical of electro-acoustic ukeleles at this price point. I did not need to be. It sounded fabulous.

If you plug this into a good quality amp, then you are going to enjoy the fantastic sound. I have no hesitation in recommending that you check out this ukulele if you are looking to perform on stage. The inclusion of a 3 band EQ tuner means that you will really be able to shape the sound how you want.

All in all, this is not an instrument which I would expect to break on me anytime soon. In fact, I would not be surprised if somebody could get years and years of use out of this. This makes it perfect for a beginner ukulele or even a ukulele for a more experienced player.

That being said, there is one minor downside to the ukulele, and it was not even an issue for me, but I can imagine that there are some people out there who may not be happy with the Zebrawood finish. I know that it is not to everybody’s tastes, but I promise you, the instrument is fantastic so try to look beyond that!

Best Baritone Ukulele #3: Oscar Schmidt OU52 Baritone Ukulele

I am going to round off this list with this Oscar Schmidt offering. It may not be the cheapest baritone ukulele on the market, but when you realize the punch that it puts out, then you will going to be more than happy to pay the price.

When you first get your hands on this ukulele, you will clearly be able to tell that Oscar Schmidt has put a lot of effort into trying to make it look as brilliant as possible. The rosette and binding are constructed from abalone.

The fingerboard and bridge are rosewood, and the top, backs and sides are all mahogany. The look is rounded off with the inclusion of gorgeous, die cast tuners. When you put them together, you have an instrument which is remarkable to look at.

When I had this instrument, I could tell right away that it was something that had been built to a high standard. There are some ukuleles out there which, the second you pick them up, you think they are just going to break on you. They just feel awful. Not this one. I am sure that if you were playing on it for years, it would barely falter.

When paired with the right strings, this ukulele absolutely wails. It sounds gorgeous. I could come out with a crisp sound without any tinkering with the unit (bar the standard tuning). It is very rare that I can do this the second I pull a product out of the box, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I would have no hesitation recommending this ukulele to both new and experienced players. In fact, even if you are jumping up on a stage, you will love this.

The only major negative point of this baritone ukulele is one that is suffered by most other ukuleles out there. This is that the strings that you are provided with are not very great. If you are new to the world of ukuleles, then they will be okay. You are not going to expect superior sound quality.

However, if you are looking to get the best possible sound and feel, then you may wish to upgrade to something a little bit better. If you are experienced with ukuleles, then go with the type of strings that you are already using to play with. They are going to feel a lot better on your fingers.


When I put together this list, I took great care to ensure that I only selected the best baritone ukulele. My readers deserve quality recommendations. The ukuleles that you see listed above have a good range of prices. This means that you should easily be able to find something that is suitable for you. I am sure that no matter your experience as a player of this beautiful instrument, you will be able to find some benefit from the ukuleles listed above.

Remember, no matter the type of ukulele you are looking for, whether it is a tenor ukulele or a baritone ukulele, you need to know that it is of a high quality. Sure, you can get cheaper ukuleles on the market, But I do not even recommend these to beginner players. They do not sound great, and they are not fun to play in the slightest. This means that beginners will be giving up on the instrument sharpish. Stick with one of these instruments and you are going to be fine! It will cost a little bit more, but will provide so much more enjoyment.

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