What’s the best acoustic guitar brands 2018?

The search term for the best acoustic guitars brand is something very common nowadays with so many brand varieties and different styles on results. Those brands that set themselves apart by the generally high quality of acoustic guitars often from companies with decades of experience in acoustic guitar manufacturing. So let’s take a look on each one of them.

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what're the best acoustic guitar brands

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2018

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #1 – Yamaha:

Yamaha is a Japanese corporation that became one of the biggest global suppliers of a complete line of musical instruments. When it comes to wood, they have a lot of technical knowledge and have a good choice of traditional handcrafted along with subtle finishing touches. Although they present some original models, most of the acoustic guitars are copies of famous American acoustic guitars. Generally speaking, Yamaha is really well-known for its acoustic guitar quality and is one of the best acoustic guitar brands.

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Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #2 – Ibanez:

Ibanez is considered one of the best-selling electric guitars and bass brands. But they also produce excellent quality acoustic guitars. The V series is very popular, making it one of the best acoustic guitars brands for beginners. The woods used in this kind of acoustic guitar include mahogany for the neck, lateral sides, and upper bout body.
We can also include the rosewood in the bridge and scale. The Ibanez was set apart in the 70’s when they automated the instruments manufacturing lowering prices with high quality to the original copies passing through decades of experience until they started to produce their own styles of acoustic guitars.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #3 – Takamine:

A Japanese company with half a century of expertise in the production of acoustic guitars. Committed to innovation and advance of their guitars but almost just like all the right Japanese companies, they base their products on famous copies. In Takamine’s case, the acoustic guitars are based on the Martin’s with reasonable prices are great alternatives for those that like Martin’s acoustic guitars. They also produce classic guitars, including a few handcrafted and thin bodies under the Hirade brand.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #4 – Martin:

They produce classical acoustic and electric guitars but are better known for their high-quality standard with acoustic guitars.

Martin is a respected brand and regarded as one of the best generic acoustic guitar brands by many musicians and critics. Johnny Cash had a Martin made especially for him. It is one of the most famous in the world. The Martin acoustic guitars are known for having a wider body and a Dreadnought Cutaway style. The standard for guitarists.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #5 – Taylor:

Although the Taylor acoustic guitars are probably the most expensive in average, these indeed produce an exceptional sound. It’s good wood selection reflects on the sound quality. Models such as the Taylor Baby Spruce BT1 or Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 are traditional reasonably priced examples. If you are looking for an acoustic or electric guitar and you are an intermediate or advanced player, a 200 Taylor is a solid bet. Another thing is that this model has a very fast scale to be played, and the pickguards have a great look. It’s a great acoustic guitar brand in any ranking.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #6 – Seagull:

It’s a Canadian company that produces handcrafted style acoustic guitars. It has a very solid body that ends with a rich sound, a dynamic range and great sound improvement over the years. These acoustic guitars’ necks are made of Silverleaf or Mahogany. The Silverleaf produces a softer sensation than the Mahogany while having the same density. They have excellent line-up as the original S6 Cedar, Entourage Rustic S6, and Entourage Rustic CW QI. Difficult for someone not to like it.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #7 – Samick:

This Korean company is the biggest pianos and acoustic guitars manufacturer in the world. The Samick company can produce over 1 million acoustic guitars every year and still deliver exceptional sound quality with their instruments. Some of their products are sold through other brands owned by Samick such as Abilene, Silvertone, and Greg Bennett.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #8 – Gibson:

The Gibson, of course, must be included in this list as the longest running brand in the musical industry niche. The company has a long history that goes back to 1890.
Making proper use of national woods such as Rosewood, that’s used on the fretboard along with an excellent technical team behind the production process. Their acoustic guitars offer a comfortable sensation to play.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #9 – Epiphone:

This company manufacturer of acoustic guitars belongs to the Gibson organizations. The Epiphone acoustic guitars’ sounds don’t let Gibson’s name down, even with a lower price range. Again the use of the Rosewood on the fretboard and bridge allow you to play better with this kind of acoustic guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #10 – Crafter:

This is a brand that isn’t mentioned by the general critics, but it is well-known in the US for its quality. Just like the most important brands such as the Martin and Taylor, the Crafter acoustic guitars have a solid body (although some have a laminate body) with a proper conjunction of hardware, making it an excellent choice. They are very well-known for their value for money offering excellent quality for affordable prices.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #11 – Di Giorgio:

This is a national brand that had to be included. It’s far behind the famous Seagull, Taylor, Gibson, Martin and so on, but they do have great models. It’s a company that started in 1908 with an Italian immigrant called Romeo Di Giorgio that brought to his great talent as a luthier to US. The company was passed down generations creating the brand. Their acoustic guitars are known for their lifetime resistance. The models produced in the 60’s and 70’s are the most sold and most expensive.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands #12 – Tagima:

Many can argue that Tagima got on this list, But it is a good brand according to our internal market and the opinion of the American consumer. Although Tagima has a higher commercial influence and a great team of endorsers, Di Giorgio has more quality acoustic guitars.

Tagima’s problem is that with the production of many low-cost acoustic guitar models such as the Memphis and Dallas, it is hard to maintain a good level of quality. Have to say that, Tagima’s top acoustic guitars are of excellent quality.

Final Considerations

Remember that this ranking isn’t in any specific order because there isn’t the “best acoustic guitars brand.” This is a personal choice for everyone. It’s not an exact science. If you get a low-quality Ibanez line and another higher-quality line such as the Gibson, of course, the Gibson will be better. However, all the brands as mentioned above are very famous and have earned their place on the ranking of the best acoustic guitar brands.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands