Am I Too Old To Start Playing And Enjoying Guitar?

Am I too old to play the guitar?

This one question is what you might be asking yourself right now, and don’t worry, you are not alone in this predicament. A good amount of people who are trying to get their hands on a guitar for the first time are also asking this same exact question.

Are you in your 40s or 50s? Why are you trying to learn the guitar right now? Finding the reason to do something is one of the most important factors in successfully doing it. Look for that specific reason and make it your driving force, which will ultimately make you learn how to play the guitar.

Whatever your drive is, your age should not be a hindrance as long as you are physically fit to operate or play the guitar. In fact, there is no age limit to speak of. No one will shout at you if you are caught playing, except if you are creating too much noise that it starts disturbing somebody sleeping, that would be another story.

Other than that, go for it. Grab that instrument and begin your guitar lessons right now.

Why do I think that I am too old to play it?

Part of that is your perception. You might be telling yourself that guitars are a waste of time and I should focus on doing something more productive. Such as, working on my career or taking care of my family. If you keep on thinking that way, then you’re commitment will be affected. Learning to play the guitar needs great commitment, so try changing that perception.

Another factor that may cause you to be on the fence when it comes to playing the guitar is the lack of vacant time to do it in the first place. Older people have a lot of things on their plate that finding spare time for extracurricular activities seems to be difficult, if not impossible.

Learn to allocate your time and sort your priorities properly. Think of what you really want to do in life. Assuming that learning to play the guitar is one of your top priorities, set aside some time for it so you can commence on studying the chords and other technicalities intimately.

All in all, it will serve you better if you will just push those negative thoughts away and start looking on the bright side. Age is never a barrier and you should not think about it as a stumbling block.

Advantages of having an advanced age

Having an advanced age has its perks too. You can make use of these factors to make things go in your favor. This leg-ups will help you learn the instrument faster than your younger counterparts. Consider them in making your decision.

When you are older, you’re thinking tends to be more mature since you’ve probably been through a lot of challenges and experiences. That’s why you will have a more disciplined and goal-oriented approach to things. You will have the much-needed consistency in learning to play the guitar than when you are younger.

Mature people have much lower expectations when compared to teenagers who are trying to learn the instrument with becoming a famous rock star as their main goal. Older people choose to play the guitar out of simple curiosity or out of the joy it brings to them. With little expectations comes little chances of experiencing frustrations, which is a common reason for dropping the guitar out.

If you are an individual who has himself as a source of income, then you may be capable of purchasing a superior guitar that will effectively help in improving your playing skills. You also have full control of your income when compared to youngsters who are mostly relying on their parent financially.

How to keep on playing

I was a self-employed man until I reached my adult life and guess what just crossed the ole’ oldie’s mind? This is the time when I exactly realized that I wanted to know how to strum a guitar like Jemi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Well, they give life to music to a whole lot new level.

Well, that was my long-term goal. There were times when I lost confidence during my guitar lessons I had set for myself. Sometimes I just get fed up so I tend to get myself distracted doing other things. But then I realized an ultimate key to pursuing my passion for music and this is what I am about to share with you.

  • Let the people you look up to inspire you. Keep a track on the guitarists you look up to. Know how they’ve reached their ultimate goals and listen to their masterpieces. Look for inspiration to the music they have given life to, this will in turn, give you back the passion you had for music.
  • Let the small goals build you up to become a guitarist. You can’t learn how to play the guitar overnight. It takes several months before you get the tune you like when you strum those guitar strings. Keep thinking of the reason why you want to play the guitar and it should keep you going.

The trick that I learned along the way was to start with small goals. These goals will help you reach your long-term goals. Which is in my case to play the guitar like Jemi and Eric. Bravo! I just did play the guitar like a pro, and you can too!

It is all about how you really want to learn how to strum those strings. There are a lot of hindrances, which you will encounter along the way. Such as real-life problems, aching fingers, lack of time, and lack of sufficient support or motivation. An advanced age is not one of them. In fact, your older age may be stirred to your advantage instead.

Stop using your age as an excuse and get hold of that guitar now. Take a strum or two, listen to the wonderful sound it produces, and you will instantly feel that you are not actually too old to play the guitar.

Are you too old to start playing and enjoying your guitar? Let me know your thoughts after view this video:

“At 94 years old, a lot of people aren’t out trying new things. That’s not the case for one Waverly man…He started something he’d always wanted to do, learn to play the guitar.”

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